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Ultimate Goal Encounter

What is the Ultimate Goal for starting your business? Do you have an exit strategy? If you are the founder and the key driver of your business and do not have a clear idea of your ultimate goal, take this quick survey to get a clear understanding on where you see your business going.

  • 9 out of 10 newly minted entrepreneurs will tell me having an EXIT strategy. In the context of seasoned entrepreneurs, planning and achieving a great Exit, whether in phased steps or in totality, is a natural and, in fact the ultimate goal for building any business. This is usually a very welcomed result if the business has been well run and specific steps have been taken to make the business attractive to potential investors. The issue of exiting a business arrives for everyone. The only difference is whether the entrepreneur exits well or is forced to exit. This really means that it pays for business owners to plan and systematically build the key drivers from the beginning so as to be in a better position to exit well. Today, technology has become a very integral part of growing and managing your business. At Accel8, we leverage technology to simplify the management of your business’s  key business performance drivers. Our goal is to democratise ERP and business management tools for all businesses, large and small.
  • Take this ultimate Goal survey and get a sense of where you intend to take this business.

Get an in-depth analysis into your business processes via our profiling test

For a business to become scalable, it is important for the entrepreneur to take a good long look at its business fundamentals. This Ultimate goal profile covers 8 key levers to accelerating businesses. Find out where your strengths are and also what can be done to sustainably accelerate your business further! Get your business closer to your ultimate goal!

“It is my life’s passion to work with entrepreneurs. After over 15 years of working closely with business owners, being inspired by their vision, feeling their pains, dreaming their dreams and sharing the joys in every success, big or small, I have come to notice a few common threads: that is, for every entrepreneur, the passion that fuels their vision one day wanes. When that happens, it must be sustained with a purpose to ensure the entrepreneur is able to keep taking steps forward to reach a destination. Another common notion is that every first time entrepreneur, wish they knew what they know now, way back then. The Ultimate Goal profiling is a tool that I hope will give entrepreneurs a high level view of their business fundamentals, and if any key pillars have been missed. For entrepreneurs who wish to take positive actions, Accel8’s goal is to leverage technology, sound business performance principles, with expertise from different industry experts, and training programs to help fill those gaps.”

With over 20 years of consumer retail experience in the Asia Pacific region, Hsien Naidu has been integral in the growth of many local SMEs. Her wide experience in handling key executive positions from varying industries allowed her to venture through franchising, marketing, branding and intellectual property protection strategies.

Hsien Naidu

8 Levers of Business Acceleration

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