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What Is Leadership?

At first glance, this question seems easy enough to answer. However, a little bit of reflection will immediately show that the Word Leadership is a rather complex word that means different things to different people in different social circles and cultures. Each of us believe we have a good idea about what it means to […]

Role of a Franchise agreements and your growth strategy

By Wun Wenna 1 PLOT Know what, or which parts of your business you wish to franchise.
Is it the product or what’s in it?
Is it the entire system or certain parts of the know-how? Are you franchising part of your business or all of your business? What are its selling points? What makes it different? […]

What is open source ERP

January 12, 2017  There is a general notion that ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) are overly complex, very costly to implement and maintain. For small, medium enterprises or businesses (SMEs/SMBs) this is deterrent enough to keep away. This is where open source ERP is increasingly becoming more popular. So what exactly is open source ERP? […]