The Importance of Business Process Management (BPM) System

Many multi unit outlets struggle to structure their Business Process Management (BPM) system to share core processes with the entire organisation but also give each business unit access to their own specific process information. To find some more business tools to help you, read this new guide on how to make a check stub.

The importance of being able to do a deep dive and do an accurate analysis on the business’s needs and key areas of improvement cannot be emphasised enough.  In fact if this isn’t done, the end-to end core functions, such as HR, have to be repeated for each business unit. This is obviously inefficient (repetition of the same information several times) and also easily leads to inconsistencies between the business areas – even for core functions, which should be standardised to best practice, while for closing business is important to learn What is a stay of execution? and how this work in business.

In addition, your BPM system will be of most benefit if it is structured so that the cross functional relationship between business units is represented, thereby modelling the end-to-end process across the company. This is because customers and suppliers generally don’t have a relationship with just one business unit, but the entire organisation.

As such, it is important to structure your BPM system to share core processes with the entire organisation, but still give each business unit access to their own specific business operations.

A combination of a powerful POS on the front end and a ERP that operates in the back ground would allow you to:

  • Link front-end functionality with a back-end enterprise system through an intermediary outlet/store local server which provides off-line capability.
  • Multiple outlet/stores with unlimited expandability, all communicating securely over the public internet, synchronising with a HQ server for centralised administration and reporting.
  • Allow for variations/modifiers, real-time price changes, real-time data and analysis. Comprehensive built-in reporting allows for a wide range of reports and therefore, analysis.
  • Streamline your business processes and ease your back-office burden
  • Integrating different streams of data
  • Get access anywhere internet access is available.

Building a Strong Core and having multiple unit access will ready your company for growth. Getting access to these business growth tools are now affordable and can be readily configured to fit your business processes. Do not think that Business Excellence Process Tools are reserved for the large enterprises. It is available for your business today, in simple, affordable and are readily configured.

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