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Waitrr is an innovative mobile ordering and payments solution that connects restaurants and their customers to create a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. By allowing customers to order and pay for food on their own mobile phones, Waitrr helps restaurants streamline their operations, while improving their customer service and table turnover rates.

“With Waitrr, I get to save at least five staff members and $10,000 in monthly wages”
Jamuri Busori, Owner,
I am… Cafe

One of the biggest challenges faced by the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Singapore is the shortage of skilled manpower. Hiring staff to meet the operational needs of a restaurant is often an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. It can take months to find suitable candidates, and, on top of that, another few weeks to properly train them. Unfortunately, it isn’t surprising when all that time and money goes down the drain when they quit after only a few months.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the order-taking and payment processes? This is where the Waitrr app helps restaurants.

Founded in 2015, Waitrr is an end-to-end mobile ordering and payments solution that creates a seamless dining experience for its users and restaurant partners. Unlike costly tablet solutions that require devices on every table, this innovative system comprises two main components: the customer’s mobile app, and the restaurant’s iPad app.

Once they’re seated, dine-in customers simply use the Waitrr app to scan the unique Waitrr QR code on their table. This brings up the restaurant’s menu, enabling the customers to easily order and pay for their meals from their phone. The orders are printed immediately and directly at the kitchen or bar, where the staff prepare the food and drinks, then serve them.

This completely cuts out the need for staff to take orders, and send them to the kitchen. It also removes the time-consuming task of settling payments. Since customers order for themselves, bill splitting is also eliminated.

Waitrr also enables customers to order take away from its partner restaurants. Customers can access restaurant menus from anywhere, and then order and pay on their phone. They set their pick-up time, and collect it at the desired time. This reduces queue times and helps restaurants reduce their drop-off rates.

By automating a large portion of the dining experience, Waitrr helps to increase the operational efficiency of restaurants. This reduces the need for floor staff and increases table turnover. On top of that, floor staff can focus their time and attention on improving customer service, allowing their customers to have a better overall dining experience.

Furthermore, the Waitrr team is always looking for ways to improve the system, and regularly pushes out updates with increased optimisation and new features.

Are you interested in using Waitrr to improve your operations? Email the Waitrr team at hello@waitrr.com to find out how Waitrr can help your restaurant.

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